by Bronco

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released December 9, 2016

Special thanks : Eric Pfalzgraf, Jaques Montmigny, Geneviève Asselin, Jay Kearney, Manon Landry, Jack Peaker, Taylor Johnson et David Raymond LeBlanc.

Recorded at Studio du Roi , Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jaques Montmigny and Eric Pfalzgraf. Produced by Bronco , Artwork by Geneviève Asselin, Photography by Jay Kearney
Instruments recorded live at Studio du Roi

Produced by BRONCO

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jaques Montmigny and Eric Pfalzgraf at Studio du Roi, Québec



all rights reserved


Bronco Quebec, Québec

As an active part of Quebec City’s effervescent underground, Bronco draws its sound from the urban blues roots of British hard rock as well as distorted guitar sounds inherent to the avant-garde of heavy metal from the end of the seventies. A powerful rock sound, even more than the engine of the well-known vehicle of the same name, and the stubborn wild horse that the band took as its image. ... more

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Track Name: Falling Free
The nightmare starts as soon
As soon as you wake
Reality begins
As soon as you fake

The truth came to light when
The evidence was forgotten
The answer disappeared
When the question was outspoken

If there’s a heaven in the sky
We lost the ladder, lost the key
If once angels could fly
We burnt their wings
Now they’re falling free

A picture of another world
Where I don’t belong
A generation of apes took control
Then it all went wrong

Don’t you fear a zombie apocalypse
'Cause we’re already living in it
So shut all the windows close all the doors
‘Cause the end of the world will come sooner than you’ll
Track Name: 122 dB
They gave the devil volume and tone
Then he played a riff you won’t forget
Then they let him take the microphone
And he screamed like an angel of death

Say what?
Turn the volume down?
No way!

Cause we love it when it’s loud
And you can hear us from miles around
We stand tall and proud
We refuse to turn it down

From the top to the very bottom
We are gonna make this whole city
Tremble and shake so come on
And let your shout resonate through infinity
Track Name: Hazy Lies
An army of ghostly horses
Trampling over my dead body
Irons ironically running
Hammering on my pride painlessly
You succeeded to make me believe
That it’s all in my head
Your bedtime fairy tales
Lead you to talk to the dead

This time my lazy eyes
Can see through your hazy lies

If I take a glance
Through the window of your eye
Then I’m exposed to cross the line
Where all illusions must die
Misleading twisted path
Through the house of the unholy
I am lost at the head office of
Your insane pathology

This time my lazy eyes
Can see through your hazy lies
And I can clearly see how fuzzy
Has been my vision of reality
Track Name: Machine
If I’ve got a heart of stone
Then yours must be made of steel
Which button should I push
To display how you feel

I need endorphins
While you need gasoline
You move at high speed
The signs I can’t read

I’ve been dazed for days and days
And I can’t see through the haze in your gaze
Cannot solve the maze
Must be out of phase

I just turned on
A machine
If you know what I mean
I just turned on
A machine
But soon I’m gonna need some human
Sweet sweet lovin’

You have been programmed
For proper reactions
You have been designed
For sweet emotions

The way you do it to me
Is state-of-the-art
Still it seems
That there’s a missing part
Track Name: Invoking The Great Spirit
What you got in that mojo hand?
You think you got a black cat bone
I said what you think you got in that mojo hand?
A spoonful of riffs stolen from the rolling stones

If you think Elvis was the King
That he was the last big thing
If you never heard of Big Mama
Then you ain’t nothing but a hound dog

If you think I’ve got that black magic fascination
From Mr. Crowley, Page or Ozzy
I say you gotta refine your investigation
'Cause they are just a small part of history

If you believe we can put a spell on you
With that beat on the drums
If you think we’ve got the power of voodoo
You have to know who we got it from
Track Name: Never Ending Dance
Your never ending dance
Between yes, and no, and yes and no
Don’t make me wanna take the chance
Your words they sound like the verse of a song I already know

Are you waiting for the third world war
To get up and scream
Are you waiting for a nuclear blast
To wake up from your dream

You wait, I’m gone
I hope that you are having fun
You wait, So long
Goodbye baby I’m moving on

I don’t know what you fear
But it appears to be pretty clear
That if you don’t stop shilly-shallying
I’ll be gone, I’ll be gone, I’ll be gone before the morning

It was a never ending drive
It’s been a deep down dive
Can’t you see the light is shining
A calling for a new beginning

You wait, I’m gone
I hope you are having fun
You wait, Now come on
Where’s the fun in this situation
Too late, I’m gone
I’m sick and tired of this confusion
Too late
The thrill is gone
Goodbye baby I’m moving on
Track Name: The Other Side Of The Mirror
I have been hoping
For a better situation
I’ve been wishing for salvation

I have been dreaming
Of a better world
I have been screaming
Not being heard
I have been fighting
An invisible enemy
I’ve been searching
For what was right in front of me

From a different angle
I picture it all so clearly
All at once, the reflection
Switched to reality

Cross the bridge to the other side
To the other side of the river
So won’t you come along with me
To the other side of the mirror

I’ve been reaching
Deep down below
I’ve seen places you’ll never know

Now I can swim
Across the ocean
I can fly up high
If I get the notion
I can fall in reverse
Like in a space elevator
The chorus switches to the verse
Heard from the other side of the mirror
Track Name: Starting Again
So you think you broke the code
That the dice are already rolled
I know it’s hard to have faith in me
After all you’ve been told

I twisted the rules, I cheated to lose
Wrong or right I’m being accused
Turned on the light, and it blew the fuse
You put up the fight who’s being abused?

The pattern is
There is no pattern
The phoenix is reborn
But its wings are still blackened

It ended up starting again
Winning on the starting line
Did it end up making sense
Or did it stop
Making sense

A one way mirror is your window to the world
Swimming in the fishbowl as it becomes a fish net
Everything you can’t see
Is a conspiracy

The pattern is
Breaking the pattern
But the song remains the same
‘Cause are minds are still blackened
Track Name: Trompe La Mort
If faith can move mountains
Then fate can move canyons
Daredevil living for danger
No savior for the unbeliever

I befriended the angels
Before my time has come
Caressed the shadow of death
But never entered the kingdom

Tamed danger, befriend the tiger
Embrace the empty space under my feet
‘Cause only you can make my heart skip a beat

If you doubt I can touch the sky
I’ll prove you wrong
Don’t you know I was meant to fly
So won’t you come along

Baby you can have faith in me
For my love is strong
I’ll love you ‘till the day I die
For it won’t be long

Feel the power of love
Pumping through your blood
Make the most of it for it is
A temporary feeling

Close your eyes live the moment
Don’t let it slip through your hands
You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone
So catch me while you can

Tamed danger, befriend the tiger
Consciously defying the reaper
Embrace the empty space under my feet
Cause only you can make my heart skip a beat